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Where did it come from, what does it mean? All of the fun stuff about CAMACS.

CAMeos Authentication and Certification Service

CAMACS will grade and slap your not so good coins using the CAMACS BU BU grading system

No collection will be complete without  a CAMACS slapped coin !!!

CAMACS is born.. In the spring of 1999  cameo2 (ebay user ID) had the great idea of running an auction for an old beat up Indian cent.. just for fun.  The people on the ebay coin chat, where cameo spent a lot of time had a blast with the auction for this Indian cent that was graded BU BU. The  description went something like this "BU BU does not mean Brilliant Uncirculated, rather Beat Up and Bent Up, this is by far the worst Indian cent I have ever seen with a legible date. I swear that the Indian took his Tommy Hawk and whacked the reverse of this coin several times...." 
It was a lot of fun and a million laughs.  Everyone thought that cameo should start a certification service for BU BU coins. After much discussion it was decided that it should be called CAMACS CAMeos Authentication and Certification Service. 
Today the fun continues and many people now have CAMACS certified coins in their collection. 

The CAMACS BU BU grading system:
  • BU  Beat Up
  • BU  Bent Up
  • BU  Butt Ugly
  • BU  Beyond Ugly
  • BU  Burnt Up
  • BU  Blued Up
  • BU  Blackened Up
  • BU  Bubbled Up
  • BU  Blobbed Up
  • BU  Buffed Up
  • SU  Shot Up
  • CU  Cut Up

Coins submitted to CAMACS must have a readable date (mint mark is not a requirement) and meet at least two of the above criteria.

New grades will be added as necessary.

Those coins not meeting CAMEO’s not so stringent grading standards will be returned to the owner with a single BU grade in a clear see through Body Urn

CAMACS Slapping Fees:

Slapping fee is $5 per coin, cash is preferred.
Why cash??? Well checks, money orders and credit cards must be deposited and Cameo’s wife will find the money and go shopping. (All money will be reported and appropriate taxes will be paid, Cameo will not try to hide anything from the IRS, they are a mean bunch and much more feared then Mrs. Cameo herself.) Cash on the other hand can go straight into Cameos pocket and be spent at the nearest coin show.

Turn around time on submissions is approx 7 working days.
Cameo does like to go to coin shows and he likes to go fishing (yes, there are a few fish in New Mexico) so only those days that Cameo deems  work days will be counted.


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