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"In comparison tests with other methods of corrosion protection, Intercept Shield is clearly the most effective of all those available today. This remarkable technology provides 10 years of corrosion protection for each thousandth of an inch thickness, under normally encountered corrosive conditions."

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P. O. Box 2607
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88311
Albert Sims
ANA Life Member #2211
A  Professional Coin Dealer and Numismatist
(CAMACS  is an affiliate of POCKET CHANGE)
The patented Intercept Shield 
Technology uses a totally unique
approach to protecting metals from corrosion. 

Unlike volatile components or oils, 
it will not coat the metal's surface.
The way Intercept Shield works is
by acting as a sacrificial corrosion
agent. In other words, when 
corrosive gases come in contact
with the Intercept Shield material,
they are instantly neutralized. 

The Intercept Shield reacts with 
the gases in a permanent and 
irreversible chemical reaction,
thus actually cleaning the
environment around the coin. 

So ingenious is the technology, 
that it is statistically improbable
for any corrosive gas, including 
ammonia and ozone, to migrate 
all the way through the Intercept 
Shield material without being 
neutralized by an active corrosion 
reaction site.

2" x 2" coin holder - for
maximum protection, store
in the Intercept 2 x 2 box. 
(Holds approx. thirty-four 2 x 2's.)


Box for thirty-four 2x2 holders.

Deluxe coin albums with slip
covers All coin albums are lined
with Intercept Shield, as are the
included slipcases. They are
constructed of acid and 
sulfur-free, high-grade materials.

Double Protection Box System - 
Holds 10 ICG, PCGS, or NGC
Graded Coins


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