The following items are wanted by SWORDSMAN
Looking for PA and NJ Exonumia!
Always Interested in  the following:

                             PA and NJ "Good For" tokens....metal or plastic! These typically have the words "Good
                             For"....for example "Good For 5c In  Trade" or "Good For 10c In Merchandise", etc.

                             PA or NJ bar chips, or chips issued by any other type business

                             PA Sutler tokens

                             Encased Mirrors, especially from PA or NJ!

                             Feuchtwanger Cents or Feuchtwanger 3 Cent pieces

                             Tokens from Perry County PA. Examples of towns are Marysville, Duncannon, 
                             Shermansdale,  New Bloomfield, Liverpool,   Blain, Ickesburg, and Millerstown

                             Items from the Reading Hardware Company, especially momentos commemorating their 
                             annual outings!

                             I'm also always looking for research materials including Dun & Bradstreet listings, telephone 
                             directories, etc.

                             If you have one piece or an entire collection for sale or trade, please emailme and let me know
                             what you have!